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Sanger Unified School District

The next Personnel Commission meeting will be held on Monday, May 20, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. in the District Office.

Personnel Commission


Picture of Nicole Frost

Nicole Frost
District Appointee

Peter Vang
Joint Appointee

Picture of Cathy Viau, CSEA Appointee

Cathy Viau
CSEA Appointee

Vicki Roth, Director of Classified Personnel

Hope Lucero, Human Resources Specialist

The Personnel Commission office is open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

559-524-6521 (voice)
559-875-1081 (fax)

The Personnel Commission meets on the third Monday of each month in the Board Room of the Administration Building
1905 Seventh Street, Sanger, CA 93657
at 5:00 p.m.

All meetings are open to the public unless otherwise noted.

panel expand or collapseWhat is the Personnel Commission?

The Personnel Commission administers and oversees the merit system for classified (non-teaching) applicants and employees at Sanger Unified School District (SUSD) by creating policy. The fundamental purpose is to ensure that employees are selected, promoted and retained without favoritism or prejudice on the basis of merit and fitness, to work with the governing board and administration, and to see that classified employees receive fair and equitable treatment.

The Commission is an independent body composed of three persons appointed for three-year staggered terms. The Commission employs a Director of Classified Personnel (Vicki Roth) and an HR Technician (Hope Lucero).

CSEA Contract

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Practice Tests

We have provided a variety of links to study guides, practice tests, and information on test subject areas such as typing, English as a second language, food service, custodial, grounds, instructional aide, mechanic, and interview question samples.

Find Practice Tests & Information Links

Application and Testing Information Tips for Taking a Multiple Choice Test

What is the Merit System?

The merit system consists of rules and procedures which govern classified (non-teaching) school personnel as enacted by the State Legislature and the Personnel Commission. Employees at SUSD must take a written test, an oral examination or a performance test, and an additional oral interview by Department or School site administration.

The merit system was voted into existence by SUSD employees in 1969. Over half of all classified employees in the State of California work for merit system school districts.

These rules and procedures are listed in the Education Code of the State of California and in the Classified Rules and Regulations of the SUSD Personnel Commission. A copy of the Education Code-Merit System is available by clicking on the click below. A copy of the Rules and Regulations are available by clicking on the side bar to the left. Both documents are available by contacting the Personnel Commission office at 559-524-6521.

Education Code-Merit Systems Districts

panel expand or collapseResponsibilities of Personnel Commission and Staff
  • Establishing, amending, and interpreting employment rules and regulations
  • Recruiting and testing of candidates
  • Certifying and referring candidates for employment
  • Performing position classification studies
  • Conducting salary studies and surveys
  • Handling examination protests and appeals
  • Holding hearings and issuing subpoenas on appeals of disciplinary actions
The Director of Classified Personnel serves as the executive officer of the commission and is responsible to it for carrying out all procedures in the administration of the classified personnel program, including directing technical functions as outlined above. The Director also acts as secretary to the commission and is responsible for the preparation of the annual report to the governing board.

The HR (Human Resources) Specialist performs the technical functions of a merit system as they relate to the above list of responsibilities including interaction with staff, managers and the general public by answering questions proctoring examinations and providing informational assistance.