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Sanger Unified School District

Preschool classrooms located on elementary school campuses.  The Preschool Office is located at Wilson Preschool. 
All enrollments must be completed at the Preschool Office.

Preschool Office
Wilson Preschool
504 Faller, Sanger
Phone: (559) 524-6959

Del Rey Preschool
10620 Morro, Del Rey

Jackson Preschool
1810 Third Street, Sanger

Jefferson Preschool
1110 Tucker, Sanger

John Wash Preschool
6350 E. Lane, Fresno

Lincoln Preschool
1700 14th Street, Sanger

Lone Star Preschool
2617 S. Fowler, Fresno

Madison Elementary
2324 Cherry Ave, Sanger

Sequoia Preschool
1820 S. Armstrong, Fresno

Wilson Preschool
504 Faller Sanger