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Sanger Unified School District

Q: Why don't we cut middle management?
A: The term middle management can encompass many staff including staff funded by categorical programs. Our position is to keep our team intact by avoiding layoffs and encompass the budget challenges as a group.

Q: Will Sanger have any layoffs?
A: No March 15 layoff notices were sent to certificate staff.

Q: When will negotiations start?
A: Negotiations will start upon the completion of the sunshine process. SUTA and District administration will finalize sunshine procedures on March 22. CSEA will sunshine at the March 22 and will be finalized on April 26.

Q: Will we have any furloughs next year?
A: This is an item for negotiations.

Q: Can we afford to open a new school in these times?
A: The new school was constructed using the GO Bond dollars. Although some new staff costs will be added to our budget, it was necessary to balance the enrollment at Lone Star and John Wash Elementary as well as provide space for future growth.

Q: Where does the money come from for all the construction going on in the district?
A: GO Bond Dollars and Developer fees. These can not be used for any other purpose.

Q: Has the Energy Coordinator position saved the district any money?
A: A total of $115,973 in cost avoidance have been accumulated to date.

Q: What is the dollar amount in savings for a one-day furlough?
A: A one day furlough would amount to approximately $381,788.

Q: Will there be summer school this year?
A: We have found a way to offer summer school courses for credit recovery. The summer school will be under the direction of the Sanger Adult School. The Adult School is a tier III program that allows for flexibility of funding.
One major point, only students who have failed courses and need credit recovery will be enrolled. We want to keep the summer school numbers as low as possible, while still meeting the needs of students who need credits to graduate or be promoted.

Q: What about our Health Benefits? Where are we?
A: SISC (School Insurance of Southern California) will make the announcement in May. We anticipate premiums will increase. Increase in premiums is driven by employee/dependent plan usage which is the rationale for waiting until May in hopes of a better overall usage ratio. Our Health Benefits committee made up of CSEA, SUTA and District Administration will meet and keep all staff informed of any changes.

Q: How much did our benefits go up this year?
A: 3172011_102144_0.png3172011_102227_1.png

Q: What is our Transportation Encroachment?
A: Our Transportation Encroachment is $1,886,511

Q: What is our Special Education Encroachment?
A: Our Special Education Encroachment is $681,000.

Q: What capacity are elementary classes being built for next year?
A: K-3 classes are being built to 25 while 4-6 classes are being built to 32.

Q: Why was an additional program manager added to the Special Education Department?
A: Due to the high case load and the potential for litigation surrounding Special Education services at the secondary level it was determined to provide additional support to ensure appropriate services and compliance with all state and federal laws.

Q: How much is spent on iPhones and iPads?
A: Click on the image below to increase the size.<br>iPhoneiPad.jpg

Q: Where can I find more information regarding our district budget?
A: Log into the Sanger Unified website under business services and select financial services. This will take you to various budget options.

Q: How can I provide my input on the district budget?
A: To provide your input or for questions regarding the district budget please email us at: